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Do you know which websites you have posted your CV to?  Are you aware of the level of personal information shown on your CV? 

ID thieves are scouring the internet for new targets every day; viewing your online CV, your social media pages and trying to pull together all the data they need for your Identity Theft.

Keep yourself protected, register with a limited number of job boards and remember them all! Like if you select Joboso for CV Posting, the job websites we send your CV to, are all easily trackable as they are recorded on your members' Job Site section.  So for correcting CV errors, searching jobs or deleting your CV because you've found the job(!) use Joboso as your CV posting manager.

CV posting is putting your CV on any CV databases which is a very normal approach to job hunting.  However CV posting is like publishing your CV in the local Newspaper and your CV could reveal your address, phone number, place of work , your hobbies, date of birth and some CVs even detail National Insurance Numbers!  Check your CV now.  Your Date of Birth is often required on some Job board Registration pages, but not for publishing on your CV. Likewise, remove National Insurance, Passport or Visa Numbers as these are not necessary.


CVs are large files and often too big to search, so all job-boards create a Profile Page for you.  If you fail to complete this page, your CV will mostly be ignored. Profiles are a quick synopsis of your career, that can be searched by Recruiters inputting Keywords. 

Keywords should match your Industry and Job Function and Job Level. 

Example Sales Keywords:
Sales Manager, Director of Sales,  Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Alliances, Partnerships, Tenders, Managing Telesales Team of 50, Promoted to manage 3 sites,   Introduced Goldmine, CMS System to substantially reduce labour costs. B2B and B2C.  Twelve years board-level experience further underpins Marketing and Sales Management Degree.

Include present job title, next job sought, job function or industries you have worked in, similar job titles, similar keywords, bespoke industry software used, achievements, relevant education.
Records show significant increases in jobs matched when an accurate Profile is completed.

So login now to update your CV and Profile Page

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