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CV Posting
Do you know which websites you have posted your CV to?  Are you aware of the level of personal information shown on your CV?  ID thieves are scouring the internet for new targets every day; viewing your online CV, your social... more »
Share your CV with Employers
Why? CVs are large files and often too big to search, so all job-boards create a Profile Page for you.  If you fail to complete this page, your CV will mostly be ignored. Profiles are a quick synopsis of your career, that can... more »
Europe and US Recruiting in 2010
Most European employers plan to create new roles in 2010, according to a new survey by professional services firm Towers Watson and 92% from the US plan to recruit in 2010.  click here for the full article.... more »
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Featuring CV Writing Advice, Jobboard support from the MD of Reed and strategies offered by other job-seekers.... more »
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We can now send your CV to the Guardian! If you have already registered, and are eligible for referral, you will see the Guardian Jobs website listed in your profile, just click "add" and you will be registered with them.... more »
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Welcome to our first set of users coming from CV Checker! Let us know how we're doing with the feedback tab on the right.... more »
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